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most affordable way to increase revenue!

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Do you know if you built a great online reputation, or do you just hope you did?


What protects your online reputation from negative feedback?


Would you like a customized app with MOZADIGITAL’s exclusive Hot Link technology?

Take Control of Your Customer Communication

MOZADIGITAL Makes Building and Maintaining a 4+ Star Rating Simple!

We give you the power to engage your customers in multiple ways. Our simple but highly effective survey system is a powerful way to put you on top. Along with the customizable mobile app, this winning combination is a one-two punch to get the customer loyalty every business strives for. Both are branded for your company’s look and feel to keep your customers coming back!

Increase your 5-Star Reviews with MOZADIGITAL!


Our proprietary & patent pending system guides your customers to leave more 5-star reviews. Quick, easy, and personalized. Send invitations directly via SMS Text Message or allow customers to simply scan a QR Code to start. Intuitive thumbs up/down survey questions for your business and review sites. More people will find your business because organically built SEO push your Google rankings higher!

Over 90% of consumers look at online reviews before they buy.

Online reviews are more crucial than ever to a business’s survival.

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The MOZADIGITAL NRI: Negative Response Interceptor


The NRI does exactly what it says: INTERCEPTS negative responses. Rather than allowing them show up online for the whole world to see, it prevents them from going online plus notifies you about the response in real-time. So not only are you protected, but you can turn an upset customer into a 5-star review customer! A double whammy!

80% of consumers changed their mind about a purchase because of online reviews.

67% of consumers won’t buy from a business with 1-3 negative reviews.

To overcome a single 1-star review can take up to ten 5-star reviews.

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A Customized App Branded for Your Business!


Instantly have 9 points of communication with your clients make it simple and intuitive for them to stay in touch with you. Traditional methods and social media are supported. Customized for your company’s logo’s and colors to keep your Brand front and center. Think of it as your interactive digital business card!

Plus, MOZADIGITAL’s “Hot Link” instant notifications keep customers up to date on special deals or offers you want them to know about. Send a notification timed to run and expire as you like. The HOT LINK button will flash on the app letting them know they have special message from you and keeps your customers coming back for to your APP!.

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Making a Smartphone Even Smarter.

Appearance is everything when people decide to engage using a Mobile Website. The MOZA Mobile App has a sleek fresh look including customer customized performance “MOZA Links” for total customer communication. Plus the Amazing “Hot-Link” is all part of our very advanced mobile experience.


Poorly optimized sites and apps push customers away.


Your customized app is designed to give your customers the best experience!

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