Custom Branded Mobile App


Give your customers your fully branded mobile app!

The MOZA Mobile App from our Business Advantage service provides the functionality to keep you connected to your customers as well as to keep them connected to you. This features your business logo and functionality, but the app stores will show this app under MOZA rather than your company. We can fully brand your app in the app stores under your business!

  • Customers can search the app stores for your company name!
  • Your icon on your customer’s phone, not MOZA’s icon!
  • Your fully branded mobile app at a fraction of the cost

We will add a business entity for your business in both stores, which as of October 2020 will incur a additional charge from each store of $99 for Apple’s App Store, and $25 for Google’s Play Store. Please allow 30 – 45 days from the time all required business information and materials are gathered to complete store setup and app inclusion in each.

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