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By June 20, 2020 July 3rd, 2020 Shout Out

I love it! This is why Shout Out was started in the first place!

David DiFrancesco is an awesome St. Pete barber who like many, was shut down by the corona-virus. But unlike most, instead of going back into the shop, he decided to take his talent and make house calls! He’s a master barber from New York who’s fixed more than a few cheap haircuts in his time.

When barbers were allowed to re-open he started back, but felt uncomfortable with the constant cleaning chemicals on the hair capes (smocks), the increase in COVID-19 cases throughout the county, and an overall sense of uneasiness in the way business had to be run. It turns out that a lot of others felt the same way and did not want to go back out just yet. So, David began making house-calls for haircuts!

He will come cut your hair on your porch, patio, lanai, or even your garage. He uses disposable hair capes and sanitizes the work area to stay germ-free and of course brings hand-sanitizer for both of you. Plus, he will even bring extra masks in case you don’t have one. The main idea is to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

And this he does for just $25! That is a steal! Plus, first-time customers will get a $5 discount!

If you or anyone you know is high-risk, or just not comfortable going into a barber shop yet, text David at (727) 200-2187 to schedule an appointment.


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Take care and stay safe!

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