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Today, we’re featuring faces2hire (, a unique job search and job posting site, with a twist. The human aspect. faces2hire humanizes both the job seekers as well as employers. This is a desperately needed twist on something that has always been cold and sterile. It allows people to show their human side which instantly create a warmer connection.

Free! Besides a welcome approach to how job seekers and employers present themselves, it is completely free! Job seekers do not pay to create a profile and search for jobs, plus employers do not pay to post and can post as many jobs as they want. faces2hire simply felt there was no way they could charge during this COVID-19 mess.

Massive listings. The site has over 750,000 jobs listed directly with them, but also partners with other job sites like ZipRecruiter and Indeed. This way if the job you are looking for is not listed, they will automatically engage the other sites for you. Now you can have an extremely wide net to cast when searching for your ideal job!

First thing first. Create your profile. This important but also quick and easy to do. It includes a quick video where you can speak directly to potential employers or job seekers. I can’t stress how much this is just gold! A picture is worth 1000 words. How many is a video worth?

Go to to find the perfect job or perfect employee today!


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