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By January 20, 2021 Shout Out

Sabrina pivoted from corporate life to create Sabrina Protic Enterprises. As a Florida licensed Financial Coach, she helps people to create plans that get them through the unexpected. Far too many people either think they will be OK without a plan or worse, just hope everything will work out alright.


Can you really get by on Social Security…? Sabrina will work with you to ensure you make the smart financial choices that benefit you and the ones you love. By creating a “pandemic-proof plan” that is specific to your needs, she can help ensure that you stay safe even in uncertain times.


Get in touch with Sabrina via:

Website: www.sabrinaprotic.com

Email: Sabrina@sabrinaprotic.com

Phone: (833) 322-0888

And make sure to visit Women’s Entrepreneurial Empowerment at: www.wee-womenentrepreneurs.com

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