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By June 16, 2020 July 3rd, 2020 Shout Out

MOZA Digital’s Shout Out! is a promotion designed to let people know about our local businesses which are still open, even during COVID-19! Go to https://bit.ly/35euPYU to see more Shout Out! promotions!


Dr. Tylisha Johnson of Transcending Horizons Enterprises not only creates business strategies but is also a non-profit optimization specialist. She did her dissertation on helping non-profits
not only survive, but thrive during this 2007 – 2009 recession where she learned techniques to help non-profit, for-profit, as well as ministry organizations.

Her 20 years of experience helps her uncover your X-Factor which sets you apart from the rest of the pack. She can create business and strategic plans, as well as that million dollar customized business solution for you.

Transcending Horizons has always given deep discounts to non-profit organizations, but now have opened their special discounts to other for-profit ventures during these trying times. Just mention MOZA! And you can receive a free 30 minute consultation if you set your free appointment: bit.ly/THE30min

Can call Dr. Johnson at (813) 359-9387, email her at drtylisha@transcendinghorizonsent.com, or go to her website www.transcendinghorizonsent.com for more information.


And if your business would like a Shout Out, just call 877 GET-MOZA or email shout@mozadigital.com

Take care and stay safe!

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